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Simbly Change

When i decided to add a blog to my Linked-in profile, it took me to the WordPress application. And presto! I needed to fill in a few forms, including this one – what would you like your title of your blog to be? And in the next few moments i had to rake my brains for a suitable title, and after dismissing a few, settled for “Simbly Change”

So why “Simbly Change”?

To start with “Simbly” is spelt wrongly, it should be “simply” and not “simbly”, and so i have knowingly chosen it. But why? To make a point that we all need to break free of our shackles and question “so what?” and if it does not harm any living thing, think afresh and move up to a better life or on to greater heights.

For example, if “simply” is spelt as “simbly” and we all understand it as “simply”, then why do we say that it is wrong? If “simply” is pronounced as “simbly” which is common by malyalees in the state of Kerala in India – why is it considered wrong? If you can have UK english, and US english, where spellings and diction differs, then why not Indian english, or malyalee english???

So this blog is going to be about change, innovation, and ”so what ???”… Its going to be about exploring new boundaries, and questioning current thinking and practices… Its going to be about earthlings and not americans or chinese or indians… its going to be about making planet Earth a better place to live in, and its going to be about exploring new frontiers in this universe and beyond…

So welcome to”SIMBLY CHANGE”…


Written by christief

January 16, 2009 at 6:53 pm