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Christie is the co-founder of Pixelkraft & – a first of its kind Pull Advertising platform for brands, and a unique window shopping site for consumers. He believes that businesses will need to change the way they go about their branding & marketing, and adopt new media solutions.

Christie took up a career in IT Marketing, and while selling computers he realised that his interests were in the emerging graphic use of computers – dtp, cad/cam, multimedia & networking. With Multimedia, he realised his calling and setup his own outfit to provide multimedia services. He started offering internet services too, as soon as internet access was launched in India. He also tried to launch a portal “cityinfokiosk” with a touchscreen kiosk like interface in 2002, but gave it up because of the low internet penetration and speeds at that time.

Christie is constantly exploring the way new media evolves, converges and diverges and its impact on a brands marketing strategies. He is interested in world economics, new inventions and gadgets, and in changing the world for the better.


Written by christief

January 10, 2009 at 2:15 pm

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